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Today is a world that is not identical and harmless as it was a few years ago. Undoubtedly many of us are countersigning many disasters, natural calamities, and different viruses. In this situation, most of us are feeling insecure in our lives. The current example: COVID-19. This pandemic shakes the pillars of the whole world. Without a doubt, it seizes everything which the world was enjoying before it. It’s a bitter reality that we human beings are endorsing it. At first instance, several people were anticipating that this pandemic will end soon. On the contrary, we have learned that it’s not possible to get rid of very soon. Humanity will have to see its damages and destruction.

So today the modern world concludes that COVID-19 considers being an essential part of our life. Now it must be remembered that we have to live with this. Moreover, We have to keep us safe from it by adopting precautionary measures. And then all organizations, companies, factories, businessmen, educationists, industries have changed their SOPs and instructions. Now the most important and glaring thing is to “how we can run our business no matter what it’s about, in the presence of COVID-19.

The same happens with

They all now working on how to do appoint security guards and to get their services which are best in the present situation of COVID-19. We think that there are few things which can be prevented with the help of security guards.

1. By keeping the less movement of people at the business place

Yes! The security personnel or security guard keeps the movement of people limited by guiding them frequently. Resultantly continuous monitoring will be very helpful in maintaining this task. Undoubtedly security personnel has authority at the business place and he can use this authority by guiding and instructing the people to limit their movement at the workplace. In particularly limited movement at the business place can prevent COVID-19. In short unnecessary movements can also be restricted.

2. Social distancing

Yes! The security personnel maintains social distancing at the workplace. In the meantime, we all know the only thing through which we can prevent and defeat the COVID-19is a social distancing. Is essence it is been observed that at the business place sometimes social distancing is overlooked. For the same reason, the security personnel is the man who can maintain social distancing by

  • Motivating people about it.
  • Strict monitoring
  • Some small punishments and incentives
  • Some availability of resources which can help people to have a social distancing
  • Drawing circles or setting a chair on the six feet distance

3. To ensure the use of sanitizers and mask

Yes! The security personnel is also helpful in this regard. He can ensure at the business place that no person is getting into the workplace or business place without wearing the masks. He can restrict the person to enter and can ask to wear the mask. In the same way, the use of hand sanitizers can also be ensured through security personnel. He can ensure that every person who is entering the business place is using the hand sanitizers. These two things are the main ingredients which are life-saving. It is also declared by the WHO to wear the mask necessarily wherever people go and to use hand sanitizers after a suitable interval.

4. No handshaking and physical intact

Yes! The security personnel can also prohibit and curtail the handshaking of people entering the business place. He will closely monitor the people and if caught anyone handshaking and physically intact. He can ask him to vacate the place.

5. The feeling that we are protected from COVID-19

YES! It is very important that if a person feels safe and secure at the business place, in particular, he will be more productive. It will go vice=versa. The clientage will also feel protection against COVID-19 and the businessmen will also be happy and satisfied. Round the clock, if we see with a neutral eye. A one-man is standing who is protecting us all against the COVID-19. Security Personnel.  

To sum up the discussion, it is clear that security personnel play an integral role in ensuring protection against COVID-19.  

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